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Our Sermons

Our Pastor and occasional guests preach every Sunday. Based on the Bible, the sermons apply the Word of God to our everyday lives.

Sermons sometimes follow the Scriptures for the church year or we may have a sermon series.  In 2019, we heard a series entitled “The Old Testament: The Greatest Stories.”


The Old Testament’s Greatest Stories


God speaks to us in the Bible. In the Bible, we discover God’s own words and mighty acts in human history witnessed, passed along orally, written down, and copied through thousands of years.

The Old Testament, the first part of the Bible is Jewish literature written before the birth of Jesus. The Old Testament covers creation to about three hundred years before the birth of Jesus.

The Hebrew Scriptures include stories about creation, a great flood, the Jews escape out of Egypt, David and Goliath, and lots of other dramatic narratives. In these books, God establishes special relationships with people like Noah, Abraham and Sarah, Moses and Miriam, the people of Israel, and us today.

The first part of the Bible also includes songs, poetry, prayers, preachers calling for justice, and prophecies about a coming Messiah. These readings tell the dramatic story of a chosen and gifted people who lived through some of the most tumultuous periods of world history.

As our United Methodist Church declares: “The Bible contains all things necessary for salvation.”


The Old Testament


Many of us learned these ancient stories as children. Mary and Joseph taught them to Jesus. Yet, all of us have some gaps in the narrative. We have forgotten many of the details.

Still, God still speaks to us through the Bible. The Holy Bible is the Spirit-filled, living, dynamic, ever-unfolding presence of God among us. Through the Bible, God still speaks to us more clearly than any other way to guide our faith and practice.

Use your Bible to read God’s Word. If you do not have a Bible, we will get you one. We can also recommend translations for you to use.


How to Participate


If you cannot join us on Sunday, that’s OK. Anyone can read the Scriptures and keep up with our journey. Every Sunday has its own Scripture story and focus.

Please invite your friends and neighbors, especially those folks who do not have a church home, to join us in this study. Many people do not come to church because they are afraid that they do not know enough about the Bible. Tell them that everyone of us is in the same boat. Share with them the opportunity to join us in this journey.

Join us as we study, learn, and worship the Bible that Jesus knew and loved.



  • Please Note- as of March 13, 2020 we have made adjustments to our regular Worship schedule due to COVID-19.  Call the office or check the Facebook page for updates!  
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